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Prepare for the 2022 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

You are very very supportive to your students. You made sure that we are coping up with the lessons and that made you different. Thank you for giving your best too. No regrets I chose SRC. You are highly recommended!

Janica Mae Ignacio

Taught me everything I needed to know and more!

Philip Opao

Thank you for making my review time more productive with the help of Review calendar and detailed breakdown of exams.

Christine Joyce Caborda

Will recommend their online class. Helpful for those who are like me that are currently working while reviewing for the boards. 🙂


Thank You SRC team, professors/lecturers, and mentors. Thank you for all the patience, willingness to help all our concerns, and for motivating us to push through no matter what it takes. God bless you all.

Thank you SRC! I honestly felt like I started from scratch all over again and the manuals provided helped me a lot. Moreover, the teachers were nice enough to answer my questions even outside class hours. Lastly, they were very supportive even after the review period ended by us sending reminders and motivational messages.

Stephanie Ante

Thank you so much for your sharing and refreshing my brain in the Chemistry field.


You help me review my lesson in the comfort of my home. The virtual teachers was very clear about their goal and it inspired me to push until i reached the goal of passing the Chem Tech exam, which I did. Thanks to God!

Gerazel Jane Castro

SRC helped me make the most out of the given preparation time for the board exam. The lecturers are all great. Their teaching strategies and dedication are really commendable. They know what you'll be needing in the board exam.

Michael S. Lagmay

Simplified approach on topics being discussed.

Karla Lima

The review program is competitive enough to help you get through the board exam. Very true with their words, they helped me minimize my review entropy and maximize my potential. Thank you very much SRC.

Michael S. Lagmay

Very comprehensive online course.

Sir Bryan made Biochemistry a fun thing to deal with and introduced a more convenient method on appreciating amino acids, metabolism and some laboratory techniques.

Very helpful tools for review, thumbs up for creating online review, very helpful to the working people who do not have much time to enrol for classroom setting.

Thank you SRC, for more than a month accessing the online review, it really helps to refresh all the lessons and answers all the problem sets, quiz and simulation exam. I passed the board as a result. Thank you.

Grateful, thank you for million times for being supportive ever team.

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