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Prepare for the 2021 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

Imagine compressing 4 years worth of chemistry lectures in roughly 4 months. I thought it would be impossible to fit such knowledge in a short amount of time, but thanks to Sison Review Center, I was able to do so with their thorough lectures. thanks to Sison review center, I was not only able to pass the Chemist licensure exam, but also passed the ChemTech licensure exam.

Chico Polo Barrientos

SRC will give you the best lecturers, clear lessons, and helpful materials that will help you to pass the board exam. Thank you SRC Family for a great experience with you. The best in terms of teaching! Godbless!

Quality review 20/10 would recommend. I also love the encouragement they give, that makes you more motivated to grind and study

Elizabeth lee

I'm so glad that I choose SRC as my guide in my journey. The lecturers really know their field and taught the subjects properly.

Everything was tailored fit for all types of students. The lecture guide and handouts were comprehensible, adequate, on-point and backed up with a solid support group from the SRC team. Kudos!


SRC has a great program and support for its students. More power, SRC! Thank you!

Will recommend their online class. Helpful for those who are like me that are currently working while reviewing for the boards. 🙂


Thumbs up ako sa inyo. Thank you SRC👍👍👍

Tip Tip

Thank you for the unending support up until the end of the examination. More power to the team. If opportunity comes, I am looking forward to extend my help and contribute to the team. 🙂

Mhicel John Unas

You are very very supportive to your students. You made sure that we are coping up with the lessons and that made you different. Thank you for giving your best too. No regrets I chose SRC. You are highly recommended!

Janica Mae Ignacio

What I like the most about Sison Review Center is that they are very hands on. The advisers monitor the progress of the reviewees. The topics are lined from basic to complex. Also the teachers are on full effort to make sure that they are effective enough to relay the lessons to us. Thank you Sison Riview Center for helping me make my Chemist license a real thing.

Angel De Sagun

SRC really gave me the confidence in taking the exam. The course was so helpful and well-paced. This equipped me to become ready for the exam!

SRC Review center taught me everything I need to know especially on how to form a strategy in answering each problem I encountered in the board exam.

Danica Ceniza

The exams are very comprehensive and they don't leave topics left untouched. And scores also break down into individual topics.

Joshua C. Castillo

Sison Review really helped me a lot in preparation for the board exam. The concepts I learned in my undergraduate years were totally refreshed through the problem sets and exercises. The teachers were also amazing during lectures. They provided valuable techniques, tips, shortcuts, etc. in addressing the problems in each subject.

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