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Prepare for the 2024 Licensure Exams.

Simplified approach on topics being discussed.

Karla Lima

Everything was tailored fit for all types of students. The lecture guide and handouts were comprehensible, adequate, on-point and backed up with a solid support group from the SRC team. Kudos!


Very helpful tools for review, thumbs up for creating online review, very helpful to the working people who do not have much time to enrol for classroom setting.

Thank you SRC, for more than a month accessing the online review, it really helps to refresh all the lessons and answers all the problem sets, quiz and simulation exam. I passed the board as a result. Thank you.

What I like the most about Sison Review Center is that they are very hands on. The advisers monitor the progress of the reviewees. The topics are lined from basic to complex. Also the teachers are on full effort to make sure that they are effective enough to relay the lessons to us. Thank you Sison Riview Center for helping me make my Chemist license a real thing.

Angel De Sagun

Thank You SRC team, professors/lecturers, and mentors. Thank you for all the patience, willingness to help all our concerns, and for motivating us to push through no matter what it takes. God bless you all.

It helped me gain confidence in taking the board exams, relieved the anxiety from feeling unprepared and the lecturers are open to question without making you feel na wala kang alam.

Thank you Sison Review for teaching us to the best of your knowledge.

Comprehensive and systematic


SRC will truly help you pass the Chemistry board examinations. You learn so much from the instructors while feeling no pressure from them as they try to make the atmosphere educational but fun. They are also very approachable so asking questions is definitely recommended.

Rayan Obando

Thank you SRC family, hindi lang sa review but for the support and guidance sa buong duration ng review. Nakakamotivate matuto and yung environment hindi ganun ka toxic. Thank youu!

Princess Lalaine Walath

Very supportive.

Mary Joy Arroyo

SRC helped me in many ways, they made me understand concepts easier and made me more knowledgeable in answering. Also, the great thing about SRC, is that they point out your specific weak points on a particular field to know how you're doing and to improve on it. They also give sufficient problem sets and comprehensive exams for every field. Lastly, the lecturers inspired me to do my best in reviewing and in answering the board exam.

Zymon Lord Victoria

Best Review Center for CLE (kahit first time ko pa lang mag review center) Sobrang hands on ng mga prof tas syempre sobrang gagaling. Yung lecture guide is very comprehensive and helpful as in nandon na lahat. Para sa mga nagwoworry about biochem, oyyy sana maging prof nyo din yung naging prof namin, super galing nyaaaaaa. Thank you SRC, RCh na po akooooooo

Angelo Louis G. Cuenza

The review program is competitive enough to help you get through the board exam. Very true with their words, they helped me minimize my review entropy and maximize my potential. Thank you very much SRC.

Michael S. Lagmay

SRC is indeed a great choice as your CLE Review Center! They will surely help building your steps in getting your most awaited RCh title.


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