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Prepare for the 2020 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

SRC Review center taught me everything I need to know especially on how to form a strategy in answering each problem I encountered in the board exam.

Danica Ceniza

From imus cavite. Travel going to src (sm north) just to attend session because u will learn a lot from them.

Alexander D. De Leon

A highly recommended review center to those who wants a 24/7 support for their review. Very supportive and accommodating team specially to Ms. Abby Bañez.

Norlan De Guzman

SRC teaches students not only to become knowledgeable and skilled in Chemistry topics essential in passing the Board Exam but more importantly, to be prepared by building trust and confidence, boosting morale, motivating students to do better and be better, in reaching student's dreams and aspirations and molding them into a professional useful for a better community.

Angel Sanceda

I'm really thankful that I enrolled in SRC. The program shows you what you need to improve on so that you can study smart. I had really low grades in the pre-review mock exam but improved greatly in the post-review exams. The lecturers are also great. I had a negative view on certain subjects but the lecturers made me realize that it was easier than I thought. SRC really gave me the confidence to pass the board exam. Thank you, SRC!



The online study program helped me pass the board exam. Thank you so much!

The review sessions were really thorough and almost every essential topics were discussed. Kudos to the SRC Team for giving us a stress free review, heartwarming and motivating emails, and a very passionate set of lecturers who are really great at their stuff!

SRC will truly help you pass the Chemistry board examinations. You learn so much from the instructors while feeling no pressure from them as they try to make the atmosphere educational but fun. They are also very approachable so asking questions is definitely recommended.

Rayan Obando

Thank you so much for all the ideas and thoughts you gave. That means a lot to us. I will miss all the personnel I met here: the proof of intellect and beauty. More power and blessings to come.

Ryan Nuevacobita

Preparing for the board exam can be quite nerve wracking especially given the limited time available. SRC however has made me well-equipped to deal with both simple and difficult questions that are at par with the difficulty of the board exam. This is possible as SRC has review materials and even a library of books that delivers all the necessary information. This is supplemented by a plethora of challenging problem sets and exams that will truly test if you have indeed covered everything. Lastly, what really makes SRC great is the faculty of very supportive and approachable lecturers that made sure that we are not only knowledgeable, but are mentally and emotionally prepared for the board exams. I am indeed very happy and thankful that I chose SRC as my review center as they have prepared and supported me all the way through.

Luis Agustin E. Pilapil

What I like the most about Sison Review Center is that they are very hands on. The advisers monitor the progress of the reviewees. The topics are lined from basic to complex. Also the teachers are on full effort to make sure that they are effective enough to relay the lessons to us. Thank you Sison Riview Center for helping me make my Chemist license a real thing.

Angel De Sagun

Admittedly for some parts, SRC was even better than my college Chemistry education. Thank you!!!

Sir Bryan made Biochemistry a fun thing to deal with and introduced a more convenient method on appreciating amino acids, metabolism and some laboratory techniques.

You are very very supportive to your students. You made sure that we are coping up with the lessons and that made you different. Thank you for giving your best too. No regrets I chose SRC. You are highly recommended!

Janica Mae Ignacio

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