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Prepare for the 2020 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

SRC is the best review center for me in the metro manila area. They provide the students with the necessary review materials and encourages the students to do their best. The instructors are young and easy to understand. They relay the points very well. The review materials are mostly well made and can help you a lot in studying.

The exams are very comprehensive and they don't leave topics left untouched. And scores also break down into individual topics.

Joshua C. Castillo

Great review partner.

SRC will truly help you pass the Chemistry board examinations. You learn so much from the instructors while feeling no pressure from them as they try to make the atmosphere educational but fun. They are also very approachable so asking questions is definitely recommended.

Rayan Obando

SRC helped me in many ways, they made me understand concepts easier and made me more knowledgeable in answering. Also, the great thing about SRC, is that they point out your specific weak points on a particular field to know how you're doing and to improve on it. They also give sufficient problem sets and comprehensive exams for every field. Lastly, the lecturers inspired me to do my best in reviewing and in answering the board exam.

Zymon Lord Victoria

They are a very helpful aide that offers different perspectives into learning and understanding concepts, thus making studying easier than one would otherwise do on just his/her own.

Kenneth M

SRC has a great program and support for its students. More power, SRC! Thank you!

SRC really gave me the confidence in taking the exam. The course was so helpful and well-paced. This equipped me to become ready for the exam!

Very supportive and passionate teachers, who will help you to DEVELOP your POTENTIAL, ENHANCE your CRITICAL and ANALYTICAL thinking and will SHARE their own TECHNIQUES that may help you in studying.

Zette Santos - Sevilla

SRC teaches students not only to become knowledgeable and skilled in Chemistry topics essential in passing the Board Exam but more importantly, to be prepared by building trust and confidence, boosting morale, motivating students to do better and be better, in reaching student's dreams and aspirations and molding them into a professional useful for a better community.

Angel Sanceda

SRC really helped me with my review! The instructors make the courses easier to understand and they really put emphasis on the important topics. They also guide you so you can pace your review and manage your time well.

Andie Matulac

I’d like to thank SRC for helping me hurdle the board exams through their brilliant mentors, effective study materials and accommodating staffs. Their utmost concern is for their reviewees to succeed. Being a Sisonian is truly an awesome experience!

They've got it all for you! - Exceptional professors, accommodating staffs, a resource of references, and a very encouraging family! Even your review materials are well prepared beforehand. You just have to study!

Carl Angelo Dela Cruz

Simplified approach on topics being discussed.

Karla Lima

SRC is not only a review center, it is also a home for every student that aims to be a professional someday. The instructors and admin are nice and very accommodating. In SRC we find new friends and family that made us laugh to relieve the stress and pressure. Thanks SRC because now I'm a professional.

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