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Prepare for the 2021 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

If you don't mind travelling to Quezon City, I think this is the best review center for Chemistry Board Exam. They have comprehensive syllabus and tons of problem set and comprehensive exam for each subject area. Their post mock exam will help you lessen your nervousness during the actual board exam since the venue is one of the possible site of the actual exam. During and even after the review, they will spam you with e-mails (kidding) containing helpful practice exam, online refresher exam with solution videos and most especially, encouraging messages. It doesn't stop there. They hosted a career fair to ensure that their students will have an idea of the path they might want to go to as a chemist.

Taught me everything I needed to know and more!

Philip Opao


Ice Dagohoy

SRC helped me make the most out of the given preparation time for the board exam. The lecturers are all great. Their teaching strategies and dedication are really commendable. They know what you'll be needing in the board exam.

Michael S. Lagmay

Almost all the information taught appeared on the board exam. Friendly staff and professors. They will motivate you study if you can’t motivate yourself.

Carla Katherine Yac

Magagaling ang prof lalo na sa Analytical at Organic Chem. Very approachable sila. Very helpful din ang tips and techniques ng mga prof.

Carizza Luciano

SRC is indeed a great choice as your CLE Review Center! They will surely help building your steps in getting your most awaited RCh title.


Thank you so much SRC. The review program was really the best. All the topics were covered and so much exam hacks were shared. You can really see the passion of the lecturers whenever they teach and even the founders when they always email us stuff and really try to communicate and share their experiences and knowledge. HUHUHUHU I SUPER LOVE YOU SRC

SRC helped me in many ways, they made me understand concepts easier and made me more knowledgeable in answering. Also, the great thing about SRC, is that they point out your specific weak points on a particular field to know how you're doing and to improve on it. They also give sufficient problem sets and comprehensive exams for every field. Lastly, the lecturers inspired me to do my best in reviewing and in answering the board exam.

Zymon Lord Victoria

They are a very helpful aide that offers different perspectives into learning and understanding concepts, thus making studying easier than one would otherwise do on just his/her own.

Kenneth M

Very helpful handouts. Effective lecturers. The subject schedules are complementary with each other. Helped me so much on my journey to becoming a licensed chemist.

SRC is not just your typical review center. It helped me in so many aspects.

SRC gives the most extensive review of chemistry. Even if there are topics that were not discussed during one's undergraduate program, they make sure that you get to understand it in the easiest way possible at a short amount of time.

The online study program helped me pass the board exam. Thank you so much!

Preparing for the board exam can be quite nerve wracking especially given the limited time available. SRC however has made me well-equipped to deal with both simple and difficult questions that are at par with the difficulty of the board exam. This is possible as SRC has review materials and even a library of books that delivers all the necessary information. This is supplemented by a plethora of challenging problem sets and exams that will truly test if you have indeed covered everything. Lastly, what really makes SRC great is the faculty of very supportive and approachable lecturers that made sure that we are not only knowledgeable, but are mentally and emotionally prepared for the board exams. I am indeed very happy and thankful that I chose SRC as my review center as they have prepared and supported me all the way through.

Luis Agustin E. Pilapil

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