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Prepare for the 2021 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

Simplified approach on topics being discussed.

Karla Lima

Thank you very much sa Sison Review Center dhil may online review class sila offer na very affordable pra sa mga ngttrabho na tulad ko. Mhirap para sa amin pgsabayin ang trbho at review pero kng determinado ka talaga n mkapasa mttupad lahat ang pngarap sa tulong na rin ng panalangin sa Ama. Nung mtapos ako sa online review ko hnd ko man kilala ang mga ngtturo ramdam ko na mggaling sila at very well explained ang mga lessons nila. Nung nalaman ko na nkpasa me, napaiyak talaga ng sobra sulit ang hrap at pgod ko. Sacrifice talaga at prayers ang kylangan. Thanks SRC and really appreciating it what I am now., sana mrami pa kau mtulungan.

Michelle Magbag

SRC is not just your typical review center. It helped me in so many aspects.

SRC helped me in many ways, they made me understand concepts easier and made me more knowledgeable in answering. Also, the great thing about SRC, is that they point out your specific weak points on a particular field to know how you're doing and to improve on it. They also give sufficient problem sets and comprehensive exams for every field. Lastly, the lecturers inspired me to do my best in reviewing and in answering the board exam.

Zymon Lord Victoria

The topics are well-arranged and the lecture guides are very helpful. The back-and-forth trips from Nueva Ecija to SRC are worth it. Thanks to the ever supportive faculty members of SRC! More power! ?

Imagine compressing 4 years worth of chemistry lectures in roughly 4 months. I thought it would be impossible to fit such knowledge in a short amount of time, but thanks to Sison Review Center, I was able to do so with their thorough lectures. thanks to Sison review center, I was not only able to pass the Chemist licensure exam, but also passed the ChemTech licensure exam.

Chico Polo Barrientos

Thank you so much for your sharing and refreshing my brain in the Chemistry field.


Thank You SRC team, professors/lecturers, and mentors. Thank you for all the patience, willingness to help all our concerns, and for motivating us to push through no matter what it takes. God bless you all.

The online refresher course gave exam takers who did self-review and could not afford a whole package of review like me great benefits like organizing topics to review and assessing the strengths and weaknesses in certain topics at an affordable price. I do not regret paying for the online course.


Salamat kasi lahat naman ng naituro ay nakatulong talaga sa board exam. Kailangang lang din talaga ng focus sa review at pagbabasa at supplementary readings.

SRC is not only a review center, it is also a home for every student that aims to be a professional someday. The instructors and admin are nice and very accommodating. In SRC we find new friends and family that made us laugh to relieve the stress and pressure. Thanks SRC because now I'm a professional.

The team is so supportive that even after the program is over, they make a way to keep us posted with information that may help us in review. On top of that the team also sent words of encouragement. They are very accomodating and will guide you on how to really review smart.

The Faculty members are so hands on, the teaching strategy was so good and appropriate with the topics. They will never leave you alone and they are always there to support and guide you throughout the review period, even when the review season ends.

Lizette Marieflor Santos

The review sessions were really thorough and almost every essential topics were discussed. Kudos to the SRC Team for giving us a stress free review, heartwarming and motivating emails, and a very passionate set of lecturers who are really great at their stuff!

The subjects and topics seemed so harmoniously arranged and easy to follow for me, which made studying even much easier than I supposed it would be.

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