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Study Smart For The Chem Boards: Inorganic Chemistry Study Tips

Study Smart for the Chem Boards: Inorganic Chemistry Study Tips

Post Series: Study Tips for the Chemist Licensure Exam

The Inorganic Chemistry Subject exam of the Chemist Licensure Exam covers many of the foundational topics of Chemistry. In fact, much of the coverage includes many of the topics discussed in General Chemistry I and II courses (with some overlap with Physical Chemistry topics), so we highly recommend that you start your review plan with Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, as many of the concepts reviewed in these fields will be applied to the other subject areas.

Many students find that a General Chemistry textbook sufficiently covers most of the topics under Inorganic Chemistry, so you may use your preferred GenChem text as your primary reference. This reference may also be used to review many of the basic Physical Chemistry topics as well.

Note also that the Inorganic Chemistry Subject exam also includes a number of Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry questions. This includes some trivia on the properties, trends, or applications of the elements. Make sure to dedicate some review time to reading the chapters on the properties of nonmetals and metals for familiarization. More advanced topics such as molecular symmetry and its applications, on the other hand, are discussed in Inorganic Chemistry textbooks such as those by Housecroft or Miessler.


For additional tips and resources for reviewing Inorganic Chemistry, feel free to consult your lecturer or mentor!

Study smart!

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  1. I like to enroll for next yr.. what are the requirements? Thank you.. ive read a lot of good things about your review center.. and it was highly recommended.

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