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Studying Online For The Chem And ChemTech Board Exams

Studying Online for the Chem and ChemTech Board Exams

We at Sison Review value our students’ health and safety. And with physical distancing now part of our new normal, we are offering the quality review and instruction we are known for in an online format this year, so our students can study in the comfort and security of their own homes for the Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams.

Listed below are the current review offerings for the Chem and ChemTech Boards.

Live-Online Chem Boards Review
Section H
Sat & Sun
10 am – 3 pm
May 15 – Sep 26, 2021

Live-Online ChemTech Boards Review
Section Tc
Sat & Sun
6:30 pm – 9 pm
Jun 26 – Sep 25, 2021

Online Refresher Program for the Chem Boards
With 30-day unlimited access to:
-Five (5) online refresher exams
-Detailed results breakdown
-250 detailed step-by-step solution videos

Online Review Program for the ChemTech Boards
With 60-day unlimited access to:
-Curated video lessons for all six (6) subjects
-Lesson checkpoint quizzes
-Full online simulation exam
-Detailed results breakdown

Live-Online Sections

The Live-Online Sections H and Tc are like in-classroom sections, but all the lectures are carried out online via the web conferencing app Zoom. Just like in the traditional classroom set-up, all the classes and exams are scheduled, and since the classes are live, students can engage with the lecturers, ask questions, and participate in interactive learning activities.

The Live-Online lectures are also recorded, so if students miss a class, or if they enrolled after the review has officially started, they may rely on the recordings to study at their own pace. We do highly encourage attending the live classes, though, for our students to get the best interactive review experience at a consistent pace, which is important for success in the Boards.

Online Review/Refresher Programs

In the Online Review/Refresher Programs, all lectures are in the form of pre-recorded videos. Enrolled students will be granted access to these videos, the online quizzes, and simulation exams via the SRC Online Classroom. Students can access these videos any time, anywhere, at their own pace and convenience, using their mobile, tablet, or desktop.

If you learn best in a ‘classroom’ setting, you can go for the Live-Online Review, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask your instructors as many questions as necessary and even discuss with your peers, which adds to the learning experience. If you prefer a more self-paced learning approach, then the Online Review/Refresher Program is for you. Since this set-up allows students to study on the go, it’s also a practical option for employees who are working full time during review season.

Consider your overall learning preference, schedule, and availability when choosing a review program. The key is finding a setup that works for you, so you can maximize your limited review time.

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