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Taking The Board Exams During The Pandemic: Important Reminders And Health Protocols

Taking the Board Exams During the Pandemic: Important Reminders and Health Protocols

Post Series: Chem and Chem Tech Boards Application and Exam Information

For those who are planning to take the Board Exams during the pandemic, take note of the following reminders and guidelines from the Professional Regulation Commission and the Board of Chemistry regarding the conduct of licensure examinations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do note that the health-related requirements listed below may vary depending on the exam venue. The Board of Chemistry advises examinees to confirm with the nearest PRC regional office regarding the requirements for submission.

Pursuant to Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Memorandum Order No. 68 (s. 2020) or the Standard Guidelines on the Strict Health Protocols to be Observed in the Conduct of Licensure Examinations During the Covid-19 Pandemic, all examinees of various licensure examinations are reminded of the following:

A. Examinees shall bring the following during the scheduled licensure examination:

1) Notice of Admission (NOA);

2) Pens, pencils, and erasers;

3) Negative result of the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test taken from three (3) to five (5) days prior to the scheduled examination or Certificate of Quarantine for fourteen (14) days or its equivalent signed by any of the following:

  • Any licensed Physician (government or private physician)
  • Municipal Health Officer, Provincial Health Officer or City Health Officer
  • Barangay Officer visiting the examinee’s residence attesting that he/she has been in quarantine for 14 days;

4) Informed Consent Form and Health Declaration Form (downloadable from PRC official website:;

5) Face mask preferably N95 and Face Shield (to be worn at all times);

6) 70% ethyl alcohol for regular hand disinfection; and

7) Pre-packed meal/snacks and drinks.

B. Examinees shall submit the Post Examination Health Surveillance Form (downloadable from PRC official website: to the concerned Regional Office fourteen (14) days after the conduct of the examination.


C. In the event of failure to take the scheduled licensure examination (name is already included in the Room Assignment), examinees shall be allowed to take the immediately succeeding scheduled licensure examination subject to the following:

1) For those with health-related reasons: The examinee must submit a letter to the Commission and the concerned Board together with a notarized medical certificate; or

2) For those with travel restriction related reasons: The examinee must submit a letter with attached official letter or restriction from the LGU concerned.


D. Examinees who cannot take the scheduled licensure examination for any reasons other than those stated in Item C, may submit a request to the Commission for them to take the next scheduled licensure examination stating clearly the reasons of their failure to take the subject licensure examination. The written request shall be submitted through the official email of the concerned Regional Offices ( Said examinees are advised to keep their Notice of Admission (NOA) and Official Receipt for use during the examination.

For queries and concerns, please email Licensure Office at and .

Downloadable forms from the PRC website:

Annex A – Informed Consent Form

Annex B – Health Declaration Checklist

Annex C – Post Examination Health Surveillance Form


Reference: Important Reminders to All Examinees of Various Licensure Examinations. (2021, August 21). Retrieved from Professional Regulation Commission:

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    1. Hi, Jessa.

      According to the Program and Guidelines for the Boards, examinees are required to wear the following attire every examination day:

      Male Examinees – White polo or shirts with collar, tucked-in (without any seal, logo or mark)
      Decent pants or slacks

      Female Examinees – White blouses or shirt with collar (without any seal, logo or mark),
      Decent pants or slacks/skirts

      Happy to help!

      The SRC Team

  1. Good day!

    Are these requirements still effective in the upcoming board examinations scheduled in September 2022?

    1. Hi Cristlyn,

      To clarify, it is best to consult the PRC. We’ll post here on our blog as well should there be any updates from PRC regarding this matter.

      Best regards,
      The SRC Team

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