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Review Program for the

Chemist Licensure Exam

For chemists, by chemists.

Experience a Streamlined Program

We envisioned and created our Chemist Licensure Exam Review Program from the ground up, ensuring a streamlined program for you.

Study Effectively

A streamlined program means no redundant lectures and unnecessary handouts, so you can study more effectively.

Comprehensive Syllabus

The SRC curriculum is created and continuously improved on based on the approved syllabus by the Board of Chemistry.

Welcome to Your Detailed Results

After you take one of SRC’s curated simulation exams, you will receive a detailed results breakdown at My Review Progress showing your score not just for each subject area, but for each individual subtopic.

Data-Driven Studying

Take full advantage of this report and let it provide you with valuable insights like never before. Focus on your weaker areas and build upon your strengths. Data-driven studying is studying smart: only at Sison Review.

Detailed Results - Physical Chemistry
Everything Covered

Now you can track your review progress per subtopic to make sure you’ve got everything covered for the 2022 Chemist Licensure Exam. Studying on the go? You can access your detailed results anytime at My Review Progress, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Determine Your Board Exam Passing Probability

Right after your Pre-Review Mock Board Exam and every assessment you make, you will receive a personalized Board Exam passing probability score. Use this information combined with your detailed results breakdown to act and improve on your performance as early as possible.

Data-Driven Progress

See how your Board Exam passing probability score improves with every assessment you make in the course of the review program. You and your mentor will analyze these data to reinforce your review plan as the program progresses to make the best of your limited time: only at Sison Review.

For Chemists, By Chemists

We are a team of professional chemists in the fields of academe, research, and industry. Our program is expertly curated and continuously upgraded for the professional needs of the future chemists of the Philippines.

Trusted Team

We set the highest and most stringent of standards when it comes to our faculty team. Get expert instruction from no less than a trusted team of professional chemists passionate about their calling to help you reach your best potential, for and beyond the Board Exam.

For the Boards

SRC’s instructional design and teaching methods are geared specifically to best prepare you for the Board Exam, and this includes progressive training on test-taking strategies. We know you’re preparing for the Board Exam and so we designed your in-class experience for the Board Exam—this will not be your typical college lecture.

Grow with Personal Mentoring

Chemistry is at the heart of our team, and we personally know your study concerns. We guarantee a most personalized approach to mentoring—be it in person or online—to help you achieve your goals.

Dedicated Mentor

A dedicated mentor will guide you in the course of the whole review program to help with your struggles and concerns, be it academic or non-academic. We understand it will be overwhelming to study for the Chem Boards; let us help you in your journey with our exceptional mentoring program.

Take our Students' Word for it

They've got it all for you! - Exceptional professors, accommodating staffs, a resource of references, and a very encouraging family! Even your review materials are well prepared beforehand. You just have to study!

Carl Angelo Dela Cruz

Admittedly for some parts, SRC was even better than my college Chemistry education. Thank you!!!

SRC will truly help you pass the Chemistry board examinations. You learn so much from the instructors while feeling no pressure from them as they try to make the atmosphere educational but fun. They are also very approachable so asking questions is definitely recommended.

Rayan Obando

SRC taught me a lot of techniques and shortcuts that were vital to the board examinations

The most comprehensive and supportive review center I have attended! All the lecturers are more than equipped to answer any questions I had. Most of the topics were made simpler to understand. The review center does not only prepare us for the content needed to pass the board exam but also the proper mindset.


Ice Dagohoy

Thank you!!! Continue being a blessing to other people. May God Bless you more 🙂

SRC is the best review center for me in the metro manila area. They provide the students with the necessary review materials and encourages the students to do their best. The instructors are young and easy to understand. They relay the points very well. The review materials are mostly well made and can help you a lot in studying.

SRC has a great program and support for its students. More power, SRC! Thank you!

Excellent expert guide that will surely give you comprehensive review and analysis of topics you need in order to succeed in the exams!

Manolito Ybañez

Salamat kasi lahat naman ng naituro ay nakatulong talaga sa board exam. Kailangang lang din talaga ng focus sa review at pagbabasa at supplementary readings.

You are what I look for in a review center and more. Thank you so much for not only providing the lectures and materials needed but also for "being with me" in preparing for the board exams. I am forever grateful for the mental care and the opportunities given during this journey.

Roan M. Salas

You are very very supportive to your students. You made sure that we are coping up with the lessons and that made you different. Thank you for giving your best too. No regrets I chose SRC. You are highly recommended!

Janica Mae Ignacio

Great review partner.

Preparing for the board exam can be quite nerve wracking especially given the limited time available. SRC however has made me well-equipped to deal with both simple and difficult questions that are at par with the difficulty of the board exam. This is possible as SRC has review materials and even a library of books that delivers all the necessary information. This is supplemented by a plethora of challenging problem sets and exams that will truly test if you have indeed covered everything. Lastly, what really makes SRC great is the faculty of very supportive and approachable lecturers that made sure that we are not only knowledgeable, but are mentally and emotionally prepared for the board exams. I am indeed very happy and thankful that I chose SRC as my review center as they have prepared and supported me all the way through.

Luis Agustin E. Pilapil

Constantly Improving

We constantly upgrade our program and methods to meet the needs of our future chemists. Count on us to incorporate the latest developments in the Chemistry profession.

2022 Review Schedule & Fees

Hybrid Sections

Section H+
Early Bird: ₱14,400
  • Sat & Sun
    8 am – 12 pm
    Apr 23 – Sep 25, 2022
  • Early Bird payment deadline: Mar 26*

About the hybrid format: Students can choose to attend either online or face-to-face classes. Relevant details will be communicated to enrolled students. All applicable health and safety protocols shall be observed.

Enrollment Deadline: You may enroll until the first day of class or until all slots for the section have been confirmed, whichever comes first. We recommend you complete the online registration as soon as possible to receive updates regarding slot availability.

* The regular rate of ₱15,400 applies after the Early Bird deadline.

You may also opt to reserve your slot for as low as ₱7,700. Balance of ₱7,700 is payable on or before the first day of class. Please note that the regular rate of ₱15,400 applies if you avail of the reservation scheme.

Live Online Sections

Section N
  • Tue – Fri**
    6 pm – 9 pm
    Jun 02 – Sep 25, 2022

Enrollment Deadline: You may enroll until the first day of class or until all slots for the section have been confirmed, whichever comes first. We recommend you complete the online registration as soon as possible to receive updates regarding slot availability.

You may also opt to reserve your slot for as low as ₱7,700. Balance of ₱7,700 is payable on or before the first day of class.

** Except Post-Review Mock Day 1-2 (Sat & Sun for Section N)

Self-Paced Online Sections

Online Refresher
  • (Instant Access)
  • 5 Online Refresher Exams + Detailed results breakdown reports
  • 250 detailed step-by-step solution videos
  • Covers all 5 subjects in line with the prescribed exam curriculum
  • Review of key background concepts and practical problem-solving

Start your journey to a rewarding career in Chemistry.

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