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Enrollment Terms and Conditions
  1. I agree that signing up for the online enrollment form at does not guarantee my slot for any particular section. Further, I understand that my slot will only be confirmed upon payment of the reservation fee (50% of the regular rate) or the full payment.
  2. I agree that in case I avail of the reservation scheme, the regular rate applies. I agree that I will pay the balance on or before the first day of class as indicated in the website ( I agree that I will not be able to take the Pre-Mock Board Exam and attend review classes unless I settle the balance due.
  3. I agree that my slot is only considered confirmed upon successful updating of the official records of Sison Review, and sending of the official confirmation email from the outgoing mail servers of Sison Review. I agree that I may not be able to receive the confirmation email due to numerous factors, including but not limited to, my incorrect input of email address in the enrollment form, failure of mail servers, etc.
  4. I agree that there may be a case that all slots for a particular section have already been filled up before I have successfully effected payment. As such, I agree that a successful payment deposit does not guarantee confirmation of my slot for a particular section. Sison Review may contact me to confirm my availability for another section, if there are any available.
  5. I agree that upon confirmation of my slot for a particular section, I will no longer be allowed to transfer to any other section or program.
  6. I agree that requests for payment refunds can only be made up to twenty (20) calendar days before the first day for each section as indicated in the website. Thereafter, absolutely no refund requests will be considered. For example, for Section H+ (start date on April 27, 2019), the last day for any request for payment refund shall be on April 7, 2019.
  7. I agree that request for payment refund shall be made by submission of a written or email request by the enrollee to indicating the reason for refund. All refund requests shall be subject for approval by the Management.
  8. In the case of an approved payment refund, I agree that Php500.00 will be deducted from the original amount paid, as processing fees for the said refund.
  9. In the case of an approved payment refund, I agree that I will no longer be allowed to re-enroll to any other section or program of Sison Review in the same calendar year.
  10. I agree that my enrollment for the current year cannot be deferred to any succeeding year.
  11. I agree that no special exams will be given for any missed exams or activity.
  12. I agree that attending classes of another section (sit-ins) is not allowed.
  13. I agree that all emergency announcements and class suspensions will be made through Viber via chat groups officially administered by Sison Review (+63-977-812-7130).
  14. I agree that in the event of cancellation of classes, make-up classes or exams could be scheduled on a weekday. Sison Review reserves the right to reschedule any cancelled activity to any particular date.
  15. I agree that in order to provide asynchronous classroom services for students, live-online sessions may be recorded. I am aware that prompts that the session is being recorded are always visible in the session user interface.
  16. I agree that Sison Review may use my student assessment data and data collected throughout the review program to improve learning outcomes and services.
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