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Don't just take our word for it. Read more of our students' journey and experiences below.

Imagine compressing 4 years worth of chemistry lectures in roughly 4 months. I thought it would be impossible to fit such knowledge in a short amount of time, but thanks to Sison Review Center, I was able to do so with their thorough lectures. thanks to Sison review center, I was not only able to pass the Chemist licensure exam, but also passed the ChemTech licensure exam.

Chico Polo Barrientos

Great review partner.

No regrets that I chose SRC for making them part of my amazing review experience!

Best review center.

Riena Ramirez

SRC really helps a lot! Many many many many thanks to you SRC!

SRC helped me make the most out of the given preparation time for the board exam. The lecturers are all great. Their teaching strategies and dedication are really commendable. They know what you'll be needing in the board exam.

Michael S. Lagmay

High standards, great lecturers👌👌👌

Jenica Josue

Thank you so much for all the ideas and thoughts you gave. That means a lot to us. I will miss all the personnel I met here: the proof of intellect and beauty. More power and blessings to come.

Ryan Nuevacobita

If you don't mind travelling to Quezon City, I think this is the best review center for Chemistry Board Exam. They have comprehensive syllabus and tons of problem set and comprehensive exam for each subject area. Their post mock exam will help you lessen your nervousness during the actual board exam since the venue is one of the possible site of the actual exam. During and even after the review, they will spam you with e-mails (kidding) containing helpful practice exam, online refresher exam with solution videos and most especially, encouraging messages. It doesn't stop there. They hosted a career fair to ensure that their students will have an idea of the path they might want to go to as a chemist.

Thank you so much SRC! This review center is a confident booster in taking the board exam. It will teach you covered topics beyond what you need to learn. My experience here is unforgettable and just simply amazing! God Bless SRC family!


SRC is not just your typical review center. It helped me in so many aspects.

Super galing. They should start their own school. Sana pala first year palang nagenroll na ako dito. Di na Sana ako nahirapan.

Sandra Mei Branzuela

The detailed item analysis helped me balance my time and attention to completely cover every topic.

The Teachers ARE so great considering that they are past Topnotchers and came from prestigious schools. Hindi "MAHIRAP" magreview dito promise. The curriculum here is streamlined , no Turbulence. Reviewing here is promising like no other they'll help you study smarter, and prepare you well for the boards...and i mean for your future.

June Alexis Santos

They've got it all for you! - Exceptional professors, accommodating staffs, a resource of references, and a very encouraging family! Even your review materials are well prepared beforehand. You just have to study!

Carl Angelo Dela Cruz

It helped me gain confidence in taking the board exams, relieved the anxiety from feeling unprepared and the lecturers are open to question without making you feel na wala kang alam.

SRC really helped me put together the information that I have accumulated over the past few years. I wouldn't consider those information as a part of my stock knowledge though, so I would attribute my success to the SRC team. Thank you for constantly helping us understand the lessons, and for helping us gain confidence in ourselves throughout the review period. God bless po!

The review sessions were really thorough and almost every essential topics were discussed. Kudos to the SRC Team for giving us a stress free review, heartwarming and motivating emails, and a very passionate set of lecturers who are really great at their stuff!

Very comprehensive online course.

Everything was tailored fit for all types of students. The lecture guide and handouts were comprehensible, adequate, on-point and backed up with a solid support group from the SRC team. Kudos!


SRC Review center taught me everything I need to know especially on how to form a strategy in answering each problem I encountered in the board exam.

Danica Ceniza

Thank you!!! Continue being a blessing to other people. May God Bless you more 🙂

What I like the most about Sison Review Center is that they are very hands on. The advisers monitor the progress of the reviewees. The topics are lined from basic to complex. Also the teachers are on full effort to make sure that they are effective enough to relay the lessons to us. Thank you Sison Riview Center for helping me make my Chemist license a real thing.

Angel De Sagun

Grabe yung support nila from the start hanggang after boards na hindi mo mafefeel sa ibang review centers. Thank you, SRC! More power!

Christine Debbie Shanne Angeles

From imus cavite. Travel going to src (sm north) just to attend session because u will learn a lot from them.

Alexander D. De Leon

Almost all the information taught appeared on the board exam. Friendly staff and professors. They will motivate you study if you can’t motivate yourself.

Carla Katherine Yac

Very supportive and passionate teachers, who will help you to DEVELOP your POTENTIAL, ENHANCE your CRITICAL and ANALYTICAL thinking and will SHARE their own TECHNIQUES that may help you in studying.

Zette Santos - Sevilla

Preparing for the board exam can be quite nerve wracking especially given the limited time available. SRC however has made me well-equipped to deal with both simple and difficult questions that are at par with the difficulty of the board exam. This is possible as SRC has review materials and even a library of books that delivers all the necessary information. This is supplemented by a plethora of challenging problem sets and exams that will truly test if you have indeed covered everything. Lastly, what really makes SRC great is the faculty of very supportive and approachable lecturers that made sure that we are not only knowledgeable, but are mentally and emotionally prepared for the board exams. I am indeed very happy and thankful that I chose SRC as my review center as they have prepared and supported me all the way through.

Luis Agustin E. Pilapil

SRC has the biggest support group who will cater to the needs and concerns of the students because to them, Chemistry is not just a subject but a learning experience where passion and excellence come together.

I am so grateful to be part of the SRC Family. Thank you for helping me reach new heights and for helping me reach my potential and professional goals.


Thanks for this past few months. You've done your best to give an outstanding service you can and i think the friendly environment that you're giving makes it alot easier for us reviewee to not to feel tense and too pressured.

You are what I look for in a review center and more. Thank you so much for not only providing the lectures and materials needed but also for "being with me" in preparing for the board exams. I am forever grateful for the mental care and the opportunities given during this journey.

Roan M. Salas

Amidst the entropy of overwhelming exam coverage, SRC provided a system of comprehensive and streamlined review syllabus, lecture guide and problem sets which really served as a good companion to the student's review. The lecturers were able to relay the lessons very well to the students with tips and tricks in solving exam problems.

Gwennie Ann Y. Ku

Teachers are all very good in delivering topics.

The review program is competitive enough to help you get through the board exam. Very true with their words, they helped me minimize my review entropy and maximize my potential. Thank you very much SRC.

Michael S. Lagmay

Taught me everything I needed to know and more!

Philip Opao

A highly recommended review center to those who wants a 24/7 support for their review. Very supportive and accommodating team specially to Ms. Abby Bañez.

Norlan De Guzman

Sir Bryan made Biochemistry a fun thing to deal with and introduced a more convenient method on appreciating amino acids, metabolism and some laboratory techniques.

I'm glad I made the right choice. Reviewing with SRC is one of the key factors on how I successfully passed the boards. The mentoring and support from the entire SRC team is the best!

SRC really helped me with my review! The instructors make the courses easier to understand and they really put emphasis on the important topics. They also guide you so you can pace your review and manage your time well.

Andie Matulac

Quality review 20/10 would recommend. I also love the encouragement they give, that makes you more motivated to grind and study

Elizabeth lee

The exams are very comprehensive and they don't leave topics left untouched. And scores also break down into individual topics.

Joshua C. Castillo

SRC helped me in many ways, they made me understand concepts easier and made me more knowledgeable in answering. Also, the great thing about SRC, is that they point out your specific weak points on a particular field to know how you're doing and to improve on it. They also give sufficient problem sets and comprehensive exams for every field. Lastly, the lecturers inspired me to do my best in reviewing and in answering the board exam.

Zymon Lord Victoria

Very hands-on review center

Very helpful handouts. Effective lecturers. The subject schedules are complementary with each other. Helped me so much on my journey to becoming a licensed chemist.

You are very very supportive to your students. You made sure that we are coping up with the lessons and that made you different. Thank you for giving your best too. No regrets I chose SRC. You are highly recommended!

Janica Mae Ignacio

SRC really gave me the confidence in taking the exam. The course was so helpful and well-paced. This equipped me to become ready for the exam!

The Faculty members are so hands on, the teaching strategy was so good and appropriate with the topics. They will never leave you alone and they are always there to support and guide you throughout the review period, even when the review season ends.

Lizette Marieflor Santos

Magagaling ang prof lalo na sa Analytical at Organic Chem. Very approachable sila. Very helpful din ang tips and techniques ng mga prof.

Carizza Luciano

Thumbs up ako sa inyo. Thank you SRC👍👍👍

Tip Tip

SRC taught me a lot of techniques and shortcuts that were vital to the board examinations

I’m so happy and satisfied that i chose SRC in my review. The professors and the rest of the team are very accommodating and approachable. The review materials are on point and big help in the review process. Thank you so much.

Dianne Ramil

Will recommend their online class. Helpful for those who are like me that are currently working while reviewing for the boards. 🙂


SRC gave us the chance learn a lot of things that is not usually found in a classroom lectures. People are very friendly and they did not treat you like a nobody, it means that they were willing to teach in a room until each students fully understand the world of chemistry.

I passed because of the review center. Will recommend everytime. 10/10.

Matthew Villanueva

Thank You SRC team, professors/lecturers, and mentors. Thank you for all the patience, willingness to help all our concerns, and for motivating us to push through no matter what it takes. God bless you all.

Thank you Sison Review for teaching us to the best of your knowledge.

The subjects and topics seemed so harmoniously arranged and easy to follow for me, which made studying even much easier than I supposed it would be.

It was more than a review further increased my interest with chemistry which will be my career path.

Jayvee Clarence G. Gayoso

Excellent expert guide that will surely give you comprehensive review and analysis of topics you need in order to succeed in the exams!

Manolito Ybañez

Thank you SRC! I honestly felt like I started from scratch all over again and the manuals provided helped me a lot. Moreover, the teachers were nice enough to answer my questions even outside class hours. Lastly, they were very supportive even after the review period ended by us sending reminders and motivational messages.

Stephanie Ante

10/10 would recommend!!!

I’d like to thank SRC for helping me hurdle the board exams through their brilliant mentors, effective study materials and accommodating staffs. Their utmost concern is for their reviewees to succeed. Being a Sisonian is truly an awesome experience!

SRC's faculty was simply amazing! Their way of passing their knowledge with shortcuts and techniques was smooth and easy to keep in mind.

Thank you so much for your sharing and refreshing my brain in the Chemistry field.


The review materials and the mentors were very good. The exams given also cover almost all the coverage per subject so it really helps in assessing topics where you need improvement on.

Eriko Lois Reyes

Thank you for helping me prepare for the board exam. I am glad that I chose to enroll here.

Lecturers/mentors are very approachable. I learned so much from this review center and valued more to hone my skills in Chemistry. Honest feedback were provided to help their students to become more motivated. Kudos to the team!

Maurelio Cabo Jr.

The online study program helped me pass the board exam. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much SRC for the online review center..Very helpful po sa mga nagwowork na wala ng time na lumuwas po. ☺

Joanne Marie B. Bautista

SRC is indeed a great choice as your CLE Review Center! They will surely help building your steps in getting your most awaited RCh title.


Admittedly for some parts, SRC was even better than my college Chemistry education. Thank you!!!


Ice Dagohoy

Review was comprehensive and helpful.

Simplified approach on topics being discussed.

Karla Lima

Very helpful tools for review, thumbs up for creating online review, very helpful to the working people who do not have much time to enrol for classroom setting.

Thank you SRC, for more than a month accessing the online review, it really helps to refresh all the lessons and answers all the problem sets, quiz and simulation exam. I passed the board as a result. Thank you.

Thank you for the unending support up until the end of the examination. More power to the team. If opportunity comes, I am looking forward to extend my help and contribute to the team. 🙂

Mhicel John Unas

SRC is not only a review center, it is also a home for every student that aims to be a professional someday. The instructors and admin are nice and very accommodating. In SRC we find new friends and family that made us laugh to relieve the stress and pressure. Thanks SRC because now I'm a professional.

Sison Review really helped me a lot in preparation for the board exam. The concepts I learned in my undergraduate years were totally refreshed through the problem sets and exercises. The teachers were also amazing during lectures. They provided valuable techniques, tips, shortcuts, etc. in addressing the problems in each subject.

SRC has a great program and support for its students. More power, SRC! Thank you!

The team is so supportive that even after the program is over, they make a way to keep us posted with information that may help us in review. On top of that the team also sent words of encouragement. They are very accomodating and will guide you on how to really review smart.

I'm so glad that I choose SRC as my guide in my journey. The lecturers really know their field and taught the subjects properly.

Thank you SRC because I learned a lot from this review center, more than during my undergrad. I love the no-pressure-vibes you give but at the same time you encourage every student to give their best shot.

Janica Mae Ignacio

Thank you, SRC! Maganda yung programme nung review. Magagaling mga nagturo. Magaganda contents ng handouts. Yong mga problem sets, challenging. Yung mga constant reminders sa email. Yung mentorship. Lahat! Thank you, SRC Team!

Bren Josef Villanueva

Very supportive.

Mary Joy Arroyo

The most comprehensive and supportive review center I have attended! All the lecturers are more than equipped to answer any questions I had. Most of the topics were made simpler to understand. The review center does not only prepare us for the content needed to pass the board exam but also the proper mindset.

Maraming thank you sa SRC, sa support and motivation at sa lahat ng tulong na binigay nyo sa amin. Sa akin personally.

M. Jualo

Thank you SRC for having an online review which is really helpful for those who works in a shifting schedule.

Heaven Espinosa

Thanks you so much for having/creating this review center. It really helped me a lot during review and most of all in the exam. 🙂


The online refresher course gave exam takers who did self-review and could not afford a whole package of review like me great benefits like organizing topics to review and assessing the strengths and weaknesses in certain topics at an affordable price. I do not regret paying for the online course.


You help me review my lesson in the comfort of my home. The virtual teachers was very clear about their goal and it inspired me to push until i reached the goal of passing the Chem Tech exam, which I did. Thanks to God!

Gerazel Jane Castro

Thank you for making my review time more productive with the help of Review calendar and detailed breakdown of exams.

Christine Joyce Caborda

I'm really thankful that I enrolled in SRC. The program shows you what you need to improve on so that you can study smart. I had really low grades in the pre-review mock exam but improved greatly in the post-review exams. The lecturers are also great. I had a negative view on certain subjects but the lecturers made me realize that it was easier than I thought. SRC really gave me the confidence to pass the board exam. Thank you, SRC!

The creation of the Chemmunity served as a good platform for lecturers and students to help each other understand topics and solve problems. Moreover, the moral support of the SRC team made its way through the students with constant encouragement on persevering until the actual board exam even after simulation exams.

Gwennie Ann Y. Ku

The topics are well-arranged and the lecture guides are very helpful. The back-and-forth trips from Nueva Ecija to SRC are worth it. Thanks to the ever supportive faculty members of SRC! More power! ?

SRC is the best review center for me in the metro manila area. They provide the students with the necessary review materials and encourages the students to do their best. The instructors are young and easy to understand. They relay the points very well. The review materials are mostly well made and can help you a lot in studying.

SRC teaches students not only to become knowledgeable and skilled in Chemistry topics essential in passing the Board Exam but more importantly, to be prepared by building trust and confidence, boosting morale, motivating students to do better and be better, in reaching student's dreams and aspirations and molding them into a professional useful for a better community.

Angel Sanceda

The given guide for each subject, with its checklist, was amazing. It saved me time on organizing my thoughts towards the topics. And it often reminds me to study, and do exercises for further understanding.

Thank you very much sa Sison Review Center dhil may online review class sila offer na very affordable pra sa mga ngttrabho na tulad ko. Mhirap para sa amin pgsabayin ang trbho at review pero kng determinado ka talaga n mkapasa mttupad lahat ang pngarap sa tulong na rin ng panalangin sa Ama. Nung mtapos ako sa online review ko hnd ko man kilala ang mga ngtturo ramdam ko na mggaling sila at very well explained ang mga lessons nila. Nung nalaman ko na nkpasa me, napaiyak talaga ng sobra sulit ang hrap at pgod ko. Sacrifice talaga at prayers ang kylangan. Thanks SRC and really appreciating it what I am now., sana mrami pa kau mtulungan.

Michelle Magbag

Comprehensive and systematic


Thank you so much SRC. The review program was really the best. All the topics were covered and so much exam hacks were shared. You can really see the passion of the lecturers whenever they teach and even the founders when they always email us stuff and really try to communicate and share their experiences and knowledge. HUHUHUHU I SUPER LOVE YOU SRC

Surrounded by an excellent mentor, they are all passionate in teaching the lectures that will help the student to learn more. Very inspiring and motivating because they share their own experience with us. And I am one of the lucky few to have witnessed how they patiently handled everything. I am forever grateful. May this review center continue to bring out the best in every student. 🙂 God bless Sison.

Pauline Trinidad, RChT

Thank you SRC family, hindi lang sa review but for the support and guidance sa buong duration ng review. Nakakamotivate matuto and yung environment hindi ganun ka toxic. Thank youu!

Princess Lalaine Walath



Grateful, thank you for million times for being supportive ever team.

SRC will give you the best lecturers, clear lessons, and helpful materials that will help you to pass the board exam. Thank you SRC Family for a great experience with you. The best in terms of teaching! Godbless!

It was an excellent time for me. It was extremely helpful and allowed me to manage my time. Even the encouragements were a big help throughout the process. Of course, the lectures, problem sets and mock board exams were the main thing that helped me throughout this journey. So thank you, SRC team!

Salamat kasi lahat naman ng naituro ay nakatulong talaga sa board exam. Kailangang lang din talaga ng focus sa review at pagbabasa at supplementary readings.

Best Review Center for CLE (kahit first time ko pa lang mag review center) Sobrang hands on ng mga prof tas syempre sobrang gagaling. Yung lecture guide is very comprehensive and helpful as in nandon na lahat. Para sa mga nagwoworry about biochem, oyyy sana maging prof nyo din yung naging prof namin, super galing nyaaaaaa. Thank you SRC, RCh na po akooooooo

Angelo Louis G. Cuenza

SRC is a better review center because it's not all about lectures and exams but they provided ways to study smart and to understand it. All the review topics are given in sequence to help us study step by step. All the exam results help us to identify in which topics we are weak so that we can still improve them.

SRC will truly help you pass the Chemistry board examinations. You learn so much from the instructors while feeling no pressure from them as they try to make the atmosphere educational but fun. They are also very approachable so asking questions is definitely recommended.

Rayan Obando

They are a very helpful aide that offers different perspectives into learning and understanding concepts, thus making studying easier than one would otherwise do on just his/her own.

Kenneth M

SRC gives the most extensive review of chemistry. Even if there are topics that were not discussed during one's undergraduate program, they make sure that you get to understand it in the easiest way possible at a short amount of time.

Let us work together to achieve your goals.
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